Who am I?

I am who you perceive me to be. Needless to say, I do not feel the need to prove myself to anyone. You choose your own reality and therefore will choose to paint your own picture of who I am.


    • hahaha trust me my dear thats total refuge i feel relieved Goddamn “”


  1. Fuckboys will always be there because there is a particular age where we men won’t want to commit and tend to get it easier especially in colleges/Universities life but once you get out of that stage you face the real life out here with responsibilities and getting laid doesn’t come easy.

    I think being a fuckboy comes in two stages the ‘college life’ and the ‘new money I don’t know what to do with’ and every man(or rather boy) has to learn through this process by himself, make mistakes to grow up a fully responsible grown ass man.With approaching it’s never a woman’s fault for attracting a fuckboy because with men it’s a numbers game ‘the more you approach the highly likely you’ll get laid’ so with you rejecting it’ll hurt a bit but he’ll go looking for another naive prey.

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